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Meet The Gang


RedRook is our resident dark guy. He likes to rap over old school beats and hates everything so most of his stuff sounds like he's angry. He's actually a really nice guy if you get to know him though.


Chapter is the signature "ladies man". A Real Don Draper if you will. At least that's what he thinks. Thing is, he's only had 3 girlfriends in his whole life. Good thing he knows how to record our music.


Nathan Truvé is the only actually talented one in the group. He's a fan of that old 90's Michael Jackson vibe and has tried countless times to get us to try it but thankfully we've managed to avoid it.


M.E.J. is a sleeper. You don't really expect this guy to do what he does but when he do's it, it get's done. Ya know what I mean? He has a distinct & gritty sound you'll instantly
fall in love with.